Welcome to +1 Water, the socially responsible alternative for people who buy bottled water! What do we mean by socially responsible?

To begin with our naturally pure, fresh spring +1 Water, comes to you in a bottle made from a renewable resource, corn, not petrochemical biproducts! Our bottle is made from certified biodegradable NatureWorks PLA©, and is not only compostable but is also recyclable along with other plastics. This is important when you consider that each day in North America alone, more than 60,000,000 plastic water bottles are not recycled and end up in landfills!*1

A second socially responsible dimension of +1 Water is our affiliation with WaterCan and Ryan’s Well Foundation in Canada, and Operation Hunger in South Africa. +1 Water donates 20% of our profits to these organizations to help provide communities in need with access to safe, clean water. Unlike most people living in North America and Europe, there are over one billion people in the world that do not have access to safe drinking water. Because of this, an estimated 4,500 children die every day due to lack of water or water borne diseases! With each bottle of +1 Water you drink , we guarantee you will get refreshing, 100% pure natural spring water and at the same time ensure +1 more person gets access to life sustaining, safe drinking water as well!

If you choose to buy bottled water, choose +1 Water. Join us and make a clear, socially responsible choice to help others, and our environment.