+1Water is proud to be the first in Canada to introduce a revolutionary compostable and certified biodegradable “bio-bottle” for bottled water.*1 The +1 bio-bottle is made from NatureWorks PLA©, polymerized lactic acid, derived from corn! In fact there are about two and a half ounces of corn in every bottle.

Because it is made from certified biodegradable PLA© our bio-bottle is fully compostable and when deposited in a municipal compost facility, the +1 bio-bottle will completely biodegrade in 50 to 90 days. In addition, where composting facilities are not yet operational, our bio-bottle is also 100% recyclable along with PET and other recyclable plastics.*2 +1 more environmentally positive aspect of our bio-bottle is that it is a Green-House-Gas-Neutral Polymer and requires up to 68% less energy to produce than standard plastic bottles.*3

The +1Water bottle is made from corn, a renewable resource. When you choose a bottle of +1Water you not only get to quench your thirst and help others to get access to safe clean water too, there is the added bonus of contributing to ongoing employment for farmers! +1 more important thing to know about our bio-bottle is that because it is not made from petroleum products like regular plastic bottles, it contains NO TOXIC CHEMICALS like Antimony*4 or aldyhydes that can leach in and spoil the refreshing, pure, natural spring water you get in each bottle of +1.