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That’s the number one topic not only for our site, but also in the media, in schools, and governments, and really that’s a good thing. But not only talk will help us to clear the situation, but we need to convince people that everybody can make a contribution in our fight against climate change and the global warming, even when this contribution seems to be very small.

It’s the many little things that will make the difference, eventually

Maybe some of you might think: .More sun, more fun! We still don’t know what the real consequences will be on our planet.will this still the case when global warming accelerates, and the worst case scenario start to shows-up? What when global climate change will begin to change our world and perhaps our lifestyle too? What when the oceans start to rise and overflow the world cities? Or what when our planet drys out, and partly becomes a desert? But

That’s the question for the new millennium. If we “people of the Earth” want to continue living the way we are living now and still want to reach the next century, then we going to have to take matters a little bit differently and going to have to make a change ( if we not have done already) in our lifestyle.

About climate change

Let’s start saying that climate on Earth in every part of the world is changing all the time. These changes appear slowly.. Very, very slowly.. We talk about periods of thousands of years.. So some wildlife and also humans can adapt to the changes in climate. This type of climate change we call: Natural climate change…

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We also can create an accelerating climate change..

Well.. In the first place.. by burning of Fossil fuels (coal,oil, and gas) with the co2 and other green house gasses, that are been blowing day after day into our Earth atmosphere. Changes are appearing so rapidly that it will be difficult to adapt to the new circumstances..

One of these problems we have caused is

the” Greenhouse effect “. makes the global warming,and the global warming makes the global climate change.

We know that the global warming is caused by the” Greenhouse effect “. makes the global warming,and the global warming makes the global climate change.

We know that the global warming is caused by the greenhouse effect,and merely by the enormous amounts of co2 emissions.

Not only the governments of the world will have to deal with climate change,but also you and me and even more our children and grand children will face the consequences. They will feel the effects about global warming in the first place.

How do we notice the impact of the global warming?

First of all : From above the earth atmosphere. Satellites are circling around Earth ,making photographs of every continent of our planet. While scientists making notice of any changes that they spot. They know about the climate change, but still they are also looking for more

proof for changing climate. so that governments and world leaders can take action and do something about global warming, or that’s what they hoping for One of the reasons for our changing climate and the global warming, is the consumption of enormous amounts of fossil fuel…Oil, coal, and gas.. This can’t stay without it’s consequences for nature, and environment..

Finally an global agreement

So most of the world leaders realized the risk about global warming, and that there’s really a problem world wide appearing with the danger for damaging our societies worldwide.

It’s possible that People get killed by the “Global climate change” because of extreme weather everywhere. That’s why world leaders have decide to sign an agreement. The so called “Kyoto protocol” .

About the “Carbon footprint”.

Everybody has to take his responsibility to do something about global warming. After all,it’s our way of life that makes that co2 emissions are higher than ever. It’s our lifestyle that has made “global warming” possible. It’s measured by the “Carbon Impact” on our planet. How to Reducing carbon footprint?

OK, we can talk about the effects global warming will have or already have on our planet and it’s inhabitants. Put yourself in the place of those who have to endure the effects of global warming this very moment. More and more freak storms appear. More and more rainfall, probably fluctuating weather. More and more damage.

The good news is that there are people who are talking about this subject. They are pointing to the danger of the “Earth warming-up”.

Al Gore’s documentary movie learns us what can happen if we act right now:

An inconvenient Truth… For some it shall be more fierce than it will be for others. Not everyone will get an equal part. Sad thing is that people who have nothing to do with air pollution or carbon dioxide emissions, will be hit the hardest by the global climate change. The people in the South Pacific for instants,or Greenland, Alaska, the North and South pole..

Here some “Fight climate change”, and

“Global Warming” movies and documentaries.

Now, the good thing is…

Now, the good thing is…Things are changing. Governments and world leaders start to talk and gathering about the changing climate and the “Global warming issue”. World leaders have put it on their highest priority list. Green energy is more and more replacing the fossil fuel, and there’s also a lot of promotion to make use of green energy ( Solar,Wind,Geothermal…).

These are all good signs that nothing is lost. We can turn things for the good. One thing thought, we only can do it together.

By this I mean, especially the industrialized countries..I know that this isn’t easy for countries as China and India,standing on the begin of their grows in wealth. But I’ll trust on the common sense. I really think ( and hope) that “common sense will win from the all mighty $ $.

Here you’ll find the Breaking news concerning “Climate change”. and global warming…

Dear eco friend..

I’m aware of the fact that there’s still a long way to go before we’ll able to stop the global climate change.

Also True..Global climate change is of all times.

But what If temperatures are rising too fast, and we have no time to adapt to the changing climate! Will we need more time to adapt to changing weather conditions? Let’s take the Polar bear. Will the polar bear be able to survive the changing conditions on the Nort pole?

Will our children and grand children be able to solve the problems caused by us?

We carry the responsibility. If we don’t take action soon, and let it all happen happen…. Then what?

But, the good thing is that things are changing and so are people habits.

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