Hi and welcome to our “Planting trees” page. Here we’ll explain why trees and forests could be important.Knowing that co2 emissions are the number one reason for climate change, then forests, and trees are the number one co2 collectors on the planet.

But not only in our fight against climate change they are helpful.

In some countries, China and India, Australia,trees are also very helpful to overcoming deserts and sub deserts from overtaking farmland. In these countries they really know the term “fight climate change”.

In these countries,trees and reforesting projects are an efficient way to fight the desert . Also, desert could sometimes closing in cities and villages. People have to leave their homes, and leaving ghost cities behind.

Trees also are having a positive influence on people. You have to admit, whatever country you may go to, most of the capital cities (New York, London, Paris,…) are having very nice parks ( New York’s central park is very famous) where people can promenade, jog, having a chat, or just let the dog out while enjoying the calm influence that the green of trees are having on people.

So, there are many good reasons why people and governments should support reforesting projects and planting trees projects. But in reality it’s going bad on our planet with the forests and the rain-forests in particularly..In the last 50 years, rain forests are diminished with 50% because of the wood exploitation and winning of grassland for cattle.

That’s why the forest are playing a vital role in every part of the world were desert is threatening to overtaking the farmland.

So, not only because they are are the most efficient co2 collectors, but trees also oxygen producers. You may say that forests, and in particularly the rainforest’s are the longs of our planet.Also the green border in Russia, near or better below the Arctic circle are still pure and unpolluted forests already for thousands of years.. Deforestation with cutting down big parts of rainforest in South America, Africa, and Asia( slash and burn), that’s what’s going on in an ever increasing tempo up-wards in these continents.

True, in some countries population is going up, and people want to have food on the table. Every one is aware of that.

But cutting down rainforest,slash and burn as we call it,isn’t the best solution. The layer of fertile soil that has been build up in rain-forest throughout the years is very fragile. After a few years, all the soil is gone. Washed by the rains..The result: All that’s left is rocky ground where nothing will grow any more..

Three good reasons why we need to protect forests.

• Trees provide the oxygen that we need to breath.

• In addition, they collecting co2 and store it for many years underneath their bark.(One of the head reasons of the climate change is the burning of fossil fuel coming from fossil trees stored underground for million years, and coming all at ones the CO2 is coming into atmosphere.)

• Forests are having a calming influence on people. Why do you need “tranquillizers” when you’re surrounded by trees. Take a walk through the park. Sometimes live is simple, and a walk in the park is free! People can breathe again and come to rest in a green environment. You can say that forests are in fact natural tranquillizers. When you have a park or take a walk in a forest nearby. Take a walk in the park.

• Forests are collecting co2,and so lowering co2 emissions needed to stop global warming, saving our planet and purifying the air we need for breathing.

Planting trees is also lowering our carbon footprint…

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Thanks for your visit.. Planting trees, and reforesting will help us to improve the environment. They help us to fight climate change.. So, long live the tree!

The webmaster

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