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Here I try to explain you more about global warming, caused by greenhouse gasses, is doing with the planet we are living on .

What are “greenhouse gasses”?

Greenhouse gasses are in main the emissions of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a colorless gas. This means that it has the same quality as glass: Transparency. It let the sun radiation go-through it, but blocks the up-rising warm air that comes from the Earth surface . just the same way as it happens in a greenhouse.

Slowly we are starting to see the impact of global warming and this we see from out the sky, with satellites high above the atmosphere. These tools are making photographs of the earth. scientists keeping the records and making notice of the changes happens.

“Which changes do you mean?” will you ask. Well for instants, something that’s very well visible from the sky are polar ice caps and mountain glaciers. Scientists are studying the pictures taken from several places on earth. These are taken by the cameras of satellites. Specially the poles are an interesting region to observers and to see any appearing changing .

Glaciers are interesting stuff to examine too. While they getting shorter in summer, they are growing again in the month of winter. And not only the length are measured, but also thickness on a certain place. All data will be collect day after day, moth after month. Then, by watching the graphics closely,after a few years they’ll see an significant changes in the polar regions as well as in the same thing with glaciers. Most of the scientists busy with these researches for climate change are unanimous with their astonishing conclusions.

The Ice on the poles and glaciers, formed by thousandth of years, is increasing every year. This summer,2008, almost all the ice on the north pole was melted .

That polar ice is melting further and further during the summer month, and that’s a bad thing for the polar bear. He needs the ice for hunting seals. This way he trying to find enough food during these month to survive the winter ( doing his winter sleep). This food exists largely from young seals .

But, with the disappearing of the ice cap on the north pole, the extension of the polar bear isn’t far away. Will he be the first victim of the greenhouse effects? Or..will nature and the polar bear find away to continuing? Let’s hope so.

But let see as an warning for us too. If the polar bear die out, so maybe we can too.Let’s say that the worst case scenario is the one that all life on Earth disappears.

There are more greenhouse effects that we are noticing in the last years.

We clearly can see that deserts are expanding. In the northern of China, people have been fleeing for the desert. Nothing was growing anymore, so there was no more food for the animals and neither for humans. They have moved to other places or to the cities.

Then there is the lac of water. In Europe, there are some places starting to have problems with the water provision. Because of the higher temperatures and the absence of rain in the summer in the first place. But also people starting consuming more water. And in some places of Europe, namely, in some areas of Cyprus and Romania ,the wells were dry this summer and water has to been spread to avoid that people had to leave there homes and go else were to stay alive.

Will this more and more happen in some southern countries i? It could be that grows in tourism plays also a vital role. On the other hand. In Bangladesh, they are dealing with water floods. Never seen before, and believe me. That country have seen already a lot of floods in their history.

the greenhouse effects are at all pleasant messages to bring. But facts are facts

We will follow these changes in the future, and see how things evolve . . Off course, people are creative and they try to find the right solution for the water problem. But will mankind ultimately win? Or do we have to make some changes in our lifestyle, or do we gonna have to face changes in the climate?

People often says,”there’s nothing to worried about”. If there’s nothing to worried about , then we doesn’t have to take actions. Don’t we? Everything will be alright. Isn’t it? It’s time that we start to think about all these tings that happens in the world. We see the greenhouse effects with our own eyes and yet we doubt

It’s our move to do something about it

There are probably much more greenhouse effects that we do not know nothing about yet.

I’ll try to up-date all the facts on a regular base.

SO,thanks for your visit us and re-visit us to follow the up-dates.

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