What about global warming and how it gonna change our world that we are living on? That’s the question for the new millennium. If we “people of the earth” want to continue living the way we are living now and still want to reach the next century, then we gonna have to take matters a little bit differently and gonna have to make a change ( if we not have done already) in our lifestyle.

Not only the governments of the world have to the work this issue,but also you and me and even more our children and grand children too. They will feel the effects of the warming up in the first place.

First of all we have to ask ourself:

What causes the warming of our planet and there after the climate change?.

Well.. In the first place.. the burning of Fossil fuels (coal,oil, and gas) and the co2 emissions that came free into the atmosphere after the burning process, and this in a too short period. With the consuming of the fossil fuels, tons and tons of co2 emissions were blowing into the environment and came into the atmosphere. At the same time we’ve cut down the most part of-our forests, and still continuing o . Trees are the NR 1 co2 collectors on the planet. These two together are causing the future catastrophic.

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Secondly: Is there any proof for Earth warming , is there?

Everybody is talking bout global warming, we all know that. But will it be as harsh as some people would like us to believe it’s gonna. After all, when it’s warmer, there’s more sun, more pleasure…..

So is there really any proof for the Climate change, Is there?

Bit by bit

we begin to see the impact of global warming and we see it from high into the sky. Satellites floating above the atmosphereare making photographs of the earth. While scientists keeping the records and making notice of the changes that happens. The so called “Greenhouse Effects” Read more…

How much impact

has our lifestyle on the planet we are living?

In other words: “What does The carbon footprint! of a person means”?

Next we can talk about the effects global warming will have or already have on our planet and it’s habitants.Put yourself in the place of those who have to endure the effects of climate change right now. More and more freak storms will appear with more and more rain and damage. In the pacific ocean, many island will be disappear under water, our will risk to get enormousdamage by severe freak storms. That’s what Al Gore’s documentary movie learns us, anyway.

Title of this movie: An Unconvenient Truth…
Anyway, for some it shall be more fierce than it will be for others. Not everyone will get an equal part. Sad thing is that people who have nothing to do with air pollution or carbon dioxide emissions, will be hit the most by the global warming. More global warming documentaries and movies.

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