+1Water bio-bottle and Composting

At +1Water we have no illusions that our revolutionary bio-bottle will solve all the problems associated with the production and disposal of water bottles. We do believe however that our bio bottle provides an important socially responsible option, along with a healthier choice for both consumers and the environment. Considering there are more than 60,000,000 plastic bottles going in to landfills in North America every day, as individuals and as a society we need to make better choices to improve the recycling of these products. Within Canada and Quebec in particular, the government has set an objective to reduce the current waste stream by 65% by the year 2008. This will require huge improvements in both the rates of recycling for all possible products as well as the implementation of active municiple compost programs.

According to the Composting Council of Canada there are more than 344 provincial, municipal and private industry initiatives providing technical support and referal services for composting progarms across Canada. To see what composting facilities or services might be available in your area you can check the list below. For futher information on composting, you can explore the Composting Council of Canada website or read this article from BioCycle or this reference sheet from the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture and Food.