+1_Bot2-greenbtlThe natural spring water in our unique compostable +1Water “bio-bottle” is brilliantly clear, exceptionally pure, and remarkably good tasting.

+1Water is sourced in Bell Falls, in the County of Argenteuil, Qu├ębec and affords a refreshing and unmistakable “je ne sais quoi”. Originating from deep within the foothills of the Laurentians, our pure spring water is certified sodium free*, with an excellent natural balance of minerals. Nestled in the midst of protected natural forests, miles from any industry, our natural spring water is tested regularly and certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

+1Water bottles only select natural spring water from a local, independantly owned spring. We do not bottle water that has been mineralized, mixed or drawn from municiple tap water sources!

To better serve our customers, to support local businesses, and to reduce environmental impact due to transportation, as the demand for +1Water increases and our distribution network expands, so too will our network of natural spring water sources.